The story of Olivia Hope

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm so in love with this little guy!

I really am! If you remember when I first posted that I found out we were having a boy I had mixed emotions about it. I had wanted a girl and I didn't know what on earth I would ever do with a boy! As my pregnancy went on I was totally fine with the idea and even excited but, as a lot of you know, you don't really know your capacity to love your children until the minute they are out and in your arms! Truth is I can't imagine him not being here!

My little dude is:
a cuddle bug
loves kisses on his forward and sticks his little face out for more
a great sleeper
a great eater (a Fretz for sure!)
already in size 3 mos clothes (some brands)
pretty chill most of the time (unless is time to eat)
born to a mom, dad, and sister that love him more than we will ever be able to express.