The story of Olivia Hope

Friday, July 9, 2010

Keep on keepin on

It's been forever since I last updated and yet I still feel like I don't have much to say. Life continues for us like normal and we are making plans and looking forward to some fun summer activities and seeing family soon!!
We are doing ok. Some days are totally fine and some days are excruciating. We had a pretty bad stretch a couple of weeks ago. Everything was just coming to a head I guess and exploded in a nasty mess of grieving. (I guess that's the best way to describe it! There really are no words.) We decided to go the the cemetery as a family and take some fresh flowers to Olivia's grave. Andy hadn't been there since the funeral and said later that he was glad we went and that we should do that more often. We wanted to get a fresh bouquet made for something special and while at the florist I could barely keep it together as the lady was asking me all sort of questions about what I wanted, size, who it was for...I finally just told her the story. *sigh*
Anyway, we are making baby steps towards healing. Somedays the steps seem so small and insignificant but I have to keep reminding myself that baby steps are the way it goes and they add up. This isn't an over night magical fix.
On another note I am SOOOOOO excited about a new blog/project that I am working on. I have partnered with dear friends...I don't want to give it away! I hope to have the new blog launched by the end of the month (AT THE LATEST).
One last thing-please pray for my friend Jenn Porsche and her family who are expecting baby Noah ANYTIME!! I blogged about her a while ago. Baby Noah has been diagnosed with trisomy 13. Obviously I need not say more about that except that he was due on the 4th so clearly it will be any day. Check out the Porsche family's story here. Also I told you about the baby girl that was born to family friends. Her name is Rebecca. She is still alive and bringing joy to her family, however her time is still very short and unknown. She is at home now. Please keep praying for them for comfort peace and strength.
My mid-year resolution is to be a better blogger. So see ya soon!

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