The story of Olivia Hope

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lewis-five days old

Some of you may have seen this photo already but I just love it so much I wanted to share it with you! This is L when he was just five days old! If you notice the scale shows his actual birth weight-9 pounds 15 oz! Our good friends, Kevin and Kerry High (and Zach!)of Kevin High photography have definitely spoiled us with super awesome pictures of our family! We met Kevin and Kerry when I was still pregnant with Olivia. We share a special bond with them in the fact that they too have lost a child, their son Ryan. The Highs have been great friends and very encouraging as we walk through our Olivia journey and it's been great being friends past our similar experiences too! You can find them at and if you want to see more of our family there you can choose the gallery "Baby L Fretz" and the password is "Winnie". I think you'll agree that Kevin does great work and it might just put you in the mood for a family session!
Thanks High family for being our friends!

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