The story of Olivia Hope

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yay spring!

The last few days have been good. I feel refreshed waking up and seeing the sun and letting the doors open a bit to air things out. It makes me feel better physically and mentally.
We celebrated Gwen's 2nd birthday over the weekend with a Wiggles themed party at my in-laws house! It was a great time with family and some close friends and Gwen LOVED digging into her Big Red Car cake thanks to a very talented team mate of mine. If anyone needs a cake let me know and I'll give you her contact info!! I had no clue what to do about getting a Wiggles cake and she saved the day! Thanks Jen!
Gwen's actual birthday was yesterday. It was the perfect day to remember our precious little girl coming into the world. The weather was amazing and Andy had off work. The day started with a Dr. apt for me. It was weird. They didn't have me in the computer but squeezed me in for a quick check up anyway and I mean QUICK. I gained half a pound and blood pressure is normal, thank the Lord! I'm concerned about this (blood pressure) because I was induced with Gwen due to high blood pressure and I really REALLY don't want to be induced again. I want to go into labor naturally. I guess I figure it will be easier on both me and Olivia. The Dr. came in right away and checked her heart which was, again, normal and felt my belly quick and then I was done. I was probably in there a total of ten minutes. Maybe they should mess up on all my appointments so I don't have to wait so long to be seen!
When I got back Andy had an apt. with his Endocrinologist and then after nap time we got some family photos taken by the talented Kevin High of Kevin High Photography. We made it as casual and laid back as possible and took the opportunity to be outside and enjoy some play time together while Kevin did his thing. I can't wait to see how the photos turned out. We've never had family pictures done and it was important to me to get some while I'm still pregnant. Just another way to document this part of our lives and the fact that it was on Gwen's birthday is cool too! Kevin will also be at the hospital to take pictures of Olivia. This is such a blessing in the fact that I haven't been able to bring myself to contact NILMDTS and now I won't have to. I don't know why that task has been the one thing I haven't been able to do at this point but I have just been dreading and putting it off while knowing that I didn't have much longer to be doing that.
Today was a nice day too. Gwen and I went to MOPS which I was really looking forward to especially since it was canceled last month because of the snow. My table presented me with a gift, an absolutely exquisite baby blanket that was woven by a local woman just for us. I don't know her but she knows our journey and wove the blanket on her loom while praying over it for us and for Olivia. It is so incredibly beautiful and I can't wait to use it. She included a very touching note that brought me to tears and after that bawl fest I had another one when all of the moms gathered around me, laid hands on me and prayed. Even now words escape me to really say much about it other than I was so touched. I know the power of prayer is great and hearing them pray and cry with me reminded me that God is still not done. None of this has been forgotten about, no one has stopped praying and more have started praying. I'm in awe to see how God has worked in this situation so far.
I have about 2 1/2 weeks left. I'm excited, nervous...I don't even really know what I am. I'm still working on my "to do" list and thinking about what I should or shouldn't do to get ready for a new baby. Keep praying. I know you are.


  1. Dear Jen,
    It was a privilege to weave the blanket for you. I've been following your blog and know God is in control. May He continue to richly bless you and your family and give you strength to face whatever lies ahead. I'm praying for healing for your sweet little girl.

  2. Jen, we are all still praying for you all and your sometimes scary journey. I know God will carry you all through this for His glory. You guys are still family to us. We love you, Judi