The story of Olivia Hope

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slap that Tat!!!

Just kidding!! Didn't they used to tell you to do that to help set the ink?!! Silly!!
Yes, I got a tattoo!! I don't really like it when people get new tattoos and they try their best to show it off but I'm really excited about mine and it's obviously sentimental and since you are all on this journey with me I couldn't wait to show it to you! So here it is!
I had thought about getting one in remembrance of Olivia a while ago and then I saw a similar tattoo (different word) on another person's wrist and really liked the location. The more I thought about it the more it made sense to get it! Hope-not only is it Olivia's middle name but the word encompasses everything our family is about (which is WHY it is her middle name). My wrist because of the symbolism of Christ dying on the cross and giving us that hope, My LEFT wrist because it's the "heart" side and easier for ME to read. It ended up being a gift and so we decided to get it done tonight! It was a great night followed by a picnic in the park!
So here's to my tattoo-a constant reminder that no matter what dark roads we walk we have Hope that will never go away!!

On another note Michele and I were put in contact with a new friend that is due with a baby at the end of this month that has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13. Her name is Jenn. We have gotten to meet her in person once and are looking forward to getting together with her again on Friday. Jenn is expecting a boy, Noah. Please pray for her and her family. They are doing well but obviously trying to prepare for some difficult times soon and praying for some time with their precious son. You know how to pray! Her blog is


  1. The tattoo looks fantastic, and of course I love the sentiment behind it!

  2. The script is lovely....looks a little painful tho to a weenie like me!