The story of Olivia Hope

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jesus Loves me this I know

I was reminded last night just how many people the Lord has put in my life over the past couple of years with the things he's brought us through. People that have reached out to me, befriended me and shown me love and support even if they didn't really know me.
A part of a conversation I had with someone sparked a thought in me. I was thinking about my precious Olivia and how much I love her. She's not here but that doesn't mean that I don't STILL love her. When I found out I was pregnant with her I was wondering what kind of love I would feel for her. This was before we found out about the Trisomy 13. How could I feel as much love for another child as I did for Gwen? How could I have as much love to give or have I already given it to my firstborn? It's not that I thought I wouldn't love her, I just didn't yet know what it felt like to feel that for two children.
When Olivia was born the love for her that I felt was totally different then what I had ever felt before. It's hard to put into words but it was different than anything I felt with Gwen. Thinking of this last night made me wonder if my love for Olivia is anything like the Lord's love for us.
Olivia, by the world's eyes, was a throw away. That sounds awful but she really was. I was encouraged by the best doctors in the country to terminate my pregnancy because she was just going to die anyway-her life didn't matter. She was mentally handicap, she had deformities and those things are ugly by worldly standards. She was not perfect and she never would have been yet I loved her so SO much. I didn't care that she wasn't healthy or perfectly formed. I didn't even want her different, I just wanted HER.
That's how God loves us. We are ugly and deformed. We are not perfect and we never will be but He loves us so SO much. It's hard to remember that when you're going through a tough time but it's true and I believe that the Lord gave me that to tell me "see how you feel about your child? This is how I feel about you."
I'm healing and moving forward but times are hard. I am hurt, scared for the future, impatient for the future and honestly wondering why He has allowed us to go through so much in the last several years. Why has our life been so hard? Will it stop now that I've pretty much gone through the worst possible pain other than loosing my spouse? I feel like it has to stop because I can't take anything else-stick a fork in me, I'm DONE!! But in all the hard times I've been through and will go through I know He loves me and His plan is perfect.
Olivia's total dependence on us made me feel a love for her that I can't express. I don't love either of my girls over the other but she will ALWAYS have a special spot in my hear that no child will ever be able to touch. I thank the Lord for this.


  1. Wow, Jenny. I am speechless...

    You have encouraged me today. Love you. Brenda

  2. I'm in that "stick a fork in me, I'm done" place right now. I came to your blog through Jenn's. I found Jenn through Noah's video on youtube. God brought me here tonight, I needed to read this. I've just started a blog, I haven't said much yet. perhaps one day my struggles will encourage someone as your pain has brought me hope tonight. thank you.