The story of Olivia Hope

Monday, September 27, 2010

Six Month's ago.

I didn't sit down to write a new post. I sat down to check my email (and facebook of course!!) but I glanced down at today's date...

Six months ago today I buried my baby girl.

Six months ago this evening I watched it start to rain, just like it is now, and wondered if she was safe and protected from the wet and cold.

Six months ago I got ready for bed wondering how I would EVER live life normally again.

My heart is heavy as I remember these details and many more but I am thankful for each day that God gives me with my loved ones and how He has shown me that I can live. I am thankful for the certainty of knowing that Olivia LIVES!

...but I still want her here.


  1. Jenny, I remember those thoughts when it was cold and rainy... Thank God for the resurrection and knowing that "because He lives, so shall I"; and our children! Love you. Brenda

  2. I'm so sorry... and though TIME (as cliche as this may sound) does bring's still never easy to fully let go.

    I know.