The story of Olivia Hope

Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood and the pumpkin!

It's been awhile (again!) since I've posted so I thought I'd quick put something up! I have the best of intentions to be a good blogger and I have a lot of ideas of posts. I love journaling and sharing my life this way but for some reason, at the end of the day when my to-do list still has a million things NOT crossed off of it, blogging is put on the bottom of the list. (sigh)


Not much is new around here. Andy's job is going well, my shows are picking up (thank goodness because we need the money!) and we are kept pretty busy with the normal every-day-life stuff!

I do have a few post ideas for some specific projects I've been working on and that sort of thing. Will I ever get to them?! I guess only time will tell!

We went trick-or-treating this past Halloween. I've never really put a ton of thought and effort into Halloween. The occasional party with friends here and there but nothing too serious. Now that we are having kids I'm getting more into it. I love the fun of dressing up and the challenge and creativity behind fabricating a costume! And don't the littles look so darn cute in costume?! I plan on putting more creativity and challenge into it for the coming years with some theme ideas. Really I guess it's all about family time for me. We were able to spend the evening with Andy's parents having dinner, trick-or-treating (which didn't last long with Gwen!) passing out candy, and sipping hot cocoa! It was a great evening of family time and I treasure those kind of times more than I ever used to.

Of course these kind of times make me ache even more for Olivia to be here with us. The "Olivia bunny" that you see in the picture is our comforting way of representing her as part of the family (which she still is because she still LIVES!) but how I long to see a 7 month old, crawling, dark-headed, and even fussy little girl taking it's place! I wonder what she would have been this year for Halloween. I probably would have dressed her up in Gwen's lady bug outfit from two years ago since she would have been the exact same age and, I'm sure, size...

It's times like this that things get rough.

Anywho enjoy the pic of Little Red and her! Yes we always take our dog trick-or-treating with us and dress her up! Doesn't everyone?!

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