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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm ready!

I AM ready! A week ago I was still panicking. The baby's beds were not set up, clothes not washed or put away, bags not packed, no organization...but I worked my little (ok, big!) tail off and within a couple of days I am SO, and probably overly, prepared for the coming of this little one. I was also able to catch up and get the rest of my house in order and have come up with a weekly schedule of what I need to do daily to keep it that way! Sounds a bit dorky, yes, but it's working and it feels good knowing that if I have to drop everything and leave for a couple of days I'll come home to a house that's ready and welcoming!
Until then I just stay as active as possible glad for the distraction and hoping my activity will bring on labor! I'm also anxiously awaiting another Doc appointment today which should be quite interesting. I am 38 1/2 weeks now and this is the point they will start checking me and encouraging inducing early. My gargantuan kid was estimated to weigh about 8 pounds 3 weeks ago so of course we are all expecting at least a 10 pounder! I know these end ultrasounds are routinely inaccurate but I still don't doubt for a minute this kid is big! I'm actually battling with this a lot. I've been doing some research and talking to friends and I'm not yet convinced that inducing early is the best option for me. Reason being that I've been induced before (with Gwen) and it was certainly NOT an ideal experience. I had little choice in that situation because I had a bit of high blood pressure at the end my pregnancy with her so they induced me when I wasn't even close to going on my own. Much harder than an ordinary induction/delivery.
The second reason is that there are no concerns they see specifically in me that would cause complications, it's just an "across the board" thing-"these are the complications we can sometimes see with having big babies". Well, here's a news flash-I'M NOT A SMALL PERSON AND THIS ISN'T MY FIRST RODEO! Honestly though, if it's truly baby time won't he, for the most part, come naturally and MORE easily than if I was induced?!?! I am open to your experiences and advice so bring it on!
I suppose I'll know more at 12:10 today! Until sometime, as you can see in the pic, all my bags are packed...


  1. Ok Jen, I almost died laughing at your all caps "I'm not a small person" exclamation. You're awesome. Praying for you and your little guy, I know he'll appear on the scene just the way he's supposed to...and hopefully soon! :D

  2. i'm a firm believer in it doesn't matter how much the baby weighs, but rather how big the head is. michael had a big head and ended up being a c-section after a day of laboring...andi was born vbac even though she was three pounds more!
    thinking of you in these last days before your little [big] guy arrives!

  3. Jen . .. you're a nut for opening yourself up to experiences and advice. So . . here goes. I am all for letting the baby come in his own time. All three of mine came that way . .. no pain meds - no nothing - never enough time! Justin was my first and largest. . .8 lb 2 oz. And . . you know just how perfect he turned out! Heidi (my smallest at 5 lb 6 oz) did her own thing (as ususal! ) and traveled sideways . .but thankfully the doctors handled her birth well. . .and made me glad I was in a hospital. Wes - well Wes just showed up in record time. Then . . . I was with Heidi when she gave birth to Logan last October. She was induced and had all kinds of meds. I kidded her saying that I had all of mine in less time than she was in labor with Logan! I am glad I felt all the pain along with all the joy!! Congratulations . .and you and this little fella are on my prayer list!

  4. Prepare yourself for a csection just in case your Vajayjay doesn't open up big enough. I have a friend who is a big woman and she had 3, 9-10 pounders. Each was delivered via csection. It's OK to have one! I survived with the twins. If you want to hear about it, I'll tell you.


  5. All I can say - is "I hope to see you there!".

    And whatever way this big'un gets here - you, are going to do just fine. Absolutely.

    Thinking of you... in these last few days. I'm scheduled to go in first thing Wednesday AM (like ready to go at 7:30am - so I need to be there at 5:30am).

    I LOVE how you've written out your "expectations" down on paper - so that you come home to a peaceful home. I can only hope and wish... mine will be a similiar case. Something I very highly doubt. ((sigh))