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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Not that I have anything major to say about Hurricane Irene, but since this is kinda like my journal I thought I would post about the damage to our place. As you can see it's very minimal and for that I'm grateful. This poor apple tree has been standing and rotting since we moved here a couple of years ago and I've often wondered why the landlord hasn't taken it down. Well I guess he'll be around soon enough to finish the job.
Andy and I got our porches ready for the storm yesterday morning and had a lazy day at home waiting for it to come. We decided (prompted by a friend) around 8:00 pm to take Gwen and Winnie over to his parents house for the night just in case I were to go into labor. With all the talk I heard about barometric pressure inducing labor and the fact that I'm due tomorrow we agreed the last thing we would want to do in that event was brave the storm on the way to their house and then the hospital. We dropped them off at around 9:00 pm and came home and started a movie. Around 11:00 pm our power went and boy was that weird. Every house on our street was black. I wasn't scared but I didn't like it with what was going on outside. His parents still had power so we went over for a sleepover too. I guess the change in barometric pressure never got low enough because I'm certainly still pregnant!
The power was back on this morning when we came home and no flooding! I was concerned about those two things-that we would have some flooding in the basement and/or be out of power long enough to lose food in the freezer. I'm so grateful that neither of those things happened and I'm definitely thinking about those that did have hardship with this storm.
Tomorrow is house cleaning day! Maybe if I run up and down the stairs enough something will happen! I'll let you know!

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