The story of Olivia Hope

Friday, January 8, 2010

God is good.

I had an absolutely delightful time visiting with Michele and Hezekiah this afternoon! I planned on staying only an hour or so but ended staying for almost three! So many great things happened I just couldn't leave. Michele is doing really well! Other than a little bit of soreness from the surgery she is feeling good and looking forward to going home tomorrow WITH HEZEKIAH! This is amazing considering none of us were really planning for him to go this long! He is doing so well. Keep in mind he is not better, he still has his condition but Michele wanted to have time with him and that is what God has done!
It was great to see her again, but more than that I experienced God's goodness in a way I never had before. You all know that Andy I and I have been through quite a lot in the last couple of years and I have seen God do amazing things in our lives. He's taken care of us and provided for us in ways we couldn't have imagined at the time, but this was different. Here was this wonderful, godly woman who knows she doesn't have long with her son, but was nothing more than thankful and praising God for the time He has given her with him! She has gone through so many emotions in the last few weeks but all I could see was joy! It was great! I left feeling like God was telling me "see, I really can and will get you through this. Don't be afraid. I can still bless you, just let me." I can only pray that I have time with Olivia too.
I just want to say that the staff at the Women and Babies Hospital in Lancaster gets two thumbs up from me! Michele introduced me to a few of the awesome nurses that were taking care of her and, after learning about Olivia, they also reached out to me! Even though they new that I wasn't delivering there they still gave me their names and numbers and the numbers of other people that could talk to me or point me in the right direction for anything I might need. Here is the real kicker. At one point the chaplain and a dr. came in to check on Michele and Hezekiah. They were both part of the palliative care team there and again Michele introduced me. The chaplain, a very sweet and sincere woman, looks at me and says "wait, I've been praying for you. Your baby is Olivia." She turns to the dr. and says, "this is the girl I told you about." They knew me and my story but I didn't know them. They didn't know about the blog so I don't know how they had heard of us. They didn't really know either, just hearsay I guess. They also offered to do anything they could for me.
God is good. He is showing me new ways every day that He is walking right along with me. I don't know the outcome of all this. I don't know what the future holds but I know that this entire story, from beginning to end, is His work in our lives. He has designed this whole journey to work according to His plan for us. I am so grateful tonight that I know Him and I know that I do have HOPE no matter what happens.


  1. This is amazing! God is already turning this into something good!

  2. How gracious and good our God is, to send others to come alongside you -- people you don't even know. Isaiah 61:1-3

  3. Just stumbled upon you - so to speak - via Michele's blog. Yes, it's amazing to hear and even meet people who have been praying for you and you don't even know them or how they are connected. But our Father connects us all - He's pretty fabulous that way, don't you think?